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Dear Friend,

You’re going to love this.

It’s such a quick and easy way to bet.

And all you need is an App.

Just wait for the “ping”. Then…

  • Click to see my instruction
  • Place your bet in less than 2 minutes
  • And leave it to do its thing!

For that tiny amount of effort, you could make an extra £504-£1,008 in TAX FREE cash every month.

This is something I’ve dreamed of being able to do for years.

It totally revolutionises my five-times award-winning Little Acorns Gold strategy, making it easier and faster to bet than ever.

If you’re looking for something that’s low risk, quick to run and fits around your schedule then it’s a no brainer.

Wherever you have the app… whether it’s a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop… you can follow my bets.

Even with a busy day job.

Even with a hectic family life.

Even if you’re hardly ever in the house.

There’s no need for you to watch any racing, check prices, or do any research…

What I’m about to show you removes ALL of the guesswork from your betting

The amazing automated system I want to show you today, finds and analyses bets that tick the criteria of my award-winning Little Acorns Gold strategy.

Everything is worked out for you, so you just wait for the PING and follow the instruction.

No need to look at a computer screen to check anything, and no need to worry that you’ve made an error of judgement.

Just place the bet in SECONDS…

Then leave it to run.

This is a ‘set and forget’ method that doesn’t require any checking back.

And the results are PROVEN.

Based on 37 months of tracked results here is what you could have made.

Starting with £1,200, you could have gained an average of £504.15 per month!

Starting with £2,400, you could have gained an average of £1,008.30 per month!

Imagine making a GRAND in tax free cash every month!

Then imagine that all you need to do is wait for your phone to ping every day – and then place a simple bet.

This is genuinely that easy!

Because look, I know that it’s frustrating when you find a betting system that looks really great… but when you dig a little deeper, there’s a load of work involved…

Scanning the racecards every morning… cross referencing different filters to see which races and horses qualify… constantly checking prices…

Ugh! It sounds more like a full time job doesn’t it?

Who has the time to do all that?

This is completely different…

It takes just two minutes to place your bet on your smartphone, laptop or PC.

There’s no studying form or analysis…

No screen watching…

All you have to do is wait for a message I send through an app, then paste it into Betfair.

If you reinvest your winnings each time into bigger stakes, the numbers really begin to tot up…

Based on actual returns over the three years you’d be looking at:

  • Turning a £1,200 bank into £18,653.64
  • Turning a £2,400 banks into £37,307.28

Just like Alan, who also used this system and wrote me this email in early 2020 when the coronavirus lockdown put a halt to racing.

An easy way to grab a slice of this industry worth over £14 billion a year

At the heart of the award winning system you are about to start profiting from is Lay Betting…

With lay betting, instead of betting on horses to win, you bet on them to LOSE.

You are taking a bet against an outcome just like a traditional high street bookmaker would.

In other words, if ANY horse other than the one you’re laying wins a race, you make money.

When betting exchanges like Betfair first made these types of bets available to the general public it sparked a revolution.

At last this was a chance for ordinary folk like you and I to take their slice of a market worth over £14 billion a year in the UK alone.

Dozens of lay bet tipping services appeared and it became the hot new thing.

But there was a problem…

Most of these tipsters were chancers who didn’t know the first thing about racing and just saw this as an opportunity to make a quick buck.

With lay betting you needed specialised knowledge and a rigorous staking plan in place or you could lose considerably more than your stake.

Until now…

This is a way to lock in consistently high strike rates WITHOUT exposing yourself to big risks

Imagine if you could lock in the ultra high risk strike rates you get with lay betting WITHOUT exposing yourself to big risks.

That’s what I set out to do back in 2003.

I’m Andrew David, best-selling author of Football Bank BuilderQuick-fire Betting Profits and Little Acorns.

I’ve spent years analysing THOUSANDS of races to identify the key criteria that defines a horse’s likelihood of finishing first.

You see even the slightest edge can pay huge dividends in lay betting.

I call these my Little Acorns filters.

Apply them to the daily racecards and they weed out the higher risk bets and leave us with the over-priced, weaker contenders.

Because we’re betting against a horse (and want it to lose!) it means we can get in at a ridiculously low liability price while enjoying a high strike rate.

And it really works too.

A method that’s 17 years in profit, and winner of FIVE Betting Oscars!

For the past 17 years Little Acorns has consistently delivered winning low risk profits for my members year after year.

Just take a look at what some of them have to say:

Independent betting review website Lay Back and Get Rich awarded Little Acorns their coveted Betting Oscar for five years running – the most one product has EVER received on the site.

“… Little Acorns won the “Best Horse Racing System” Betting Oscar in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 as voted for by readers of Lay Back & Get Rich.”

It also received the highest possible accolade (only awarded three times in 262 reviews) from Betting Systems Truths, an independent betting review site who’ve put systems through their paces for over 13 years.

Here’s what they had to say about us.

“I have watched and admired this service since it was released and year on year it makes a profit which is very difficult to do.

For an out and out laying service I haven’t seen one better in all my time online reviewing systems and services.”

But there was one thing that kept on bugging me…

When I first launched Little Acorns I showed members how to pick out selections for themselves. I explained how to apply the strategy in step-by-step detail.

How to analyse the day’s fixtures… exactly which unique filters to apply and then how to narrow it down to one selection.

And it worked…

Anyone who followed my strategy over the long term consistently made money. But the ONE thing I used to get asked by Little Acorns members was this…

“Is there a way to speed up the selection process?”

Members loved the strategy and consistent profits but sometimes found they missed bets on the days when they didn’t have time to research the selections manually.

This was something I always wanted to develop…

I knew there had to be a way to eliminate the selection process and automate Little Acorns to make it lower risk, more consistent and even easier to run.

If we could do all that it would become something that anyone could use. Instead of having to identify qualifying selections yourself everything would be done for you.

All the hard work and boring, time consuming bits removed leaving you with just the good stuff – profitable selections and more free time to spend as you please.

As you’ll see, following my two minute a day Little Acorns GOLD selections you could bank an average of  £504.15 – £1,0088.30 per month.

And you don’t have to do ANY of the work

For the past few years I’ve been working side by side with a leading software developer.

He’s spent 20 years developing software across multiple platforms and has worked for global players including Reuters, Citibank and Siemens.

I knew he was the man to help automate my proven Little Acorns strategy and develop Little Acorns GOLD.

First we created a piece of software which spots certain odds on favourites using a special algorithm I call my ‘radar’ filter.

This EXACTLY mirrors the Little Acorns selection method.

It crunches the numbers on every racecard listing each day.

That means for the very first time you don’t have to do any research or analysis to uncover selections yourself.

Then we created a system which could deliver this to you through a simple app called Telegram.

This sends qualifying selections directly to your laptops and phones without any delay.

Everything is worked out for you, so it’s really simple.

  • Just read the instruction…
  • Place your bet
  • Then leave it to do its thing

That’ all you need to do.

With this system, you can run Little Acorns GOLD in just two minutes a day 

Now that we’ve created Little Acorns GOLD the selection process is completely automated!

This means there really is no barrier to entry.

You can place bets on your smartphone or computer and because all the research and analysis are done for you you’re no longer stuck at your screen.

Receiving a selection and placing it online takes just two minutes.

  • There’s no price watching or waiting at your computer for trades
  • You can use it all year round – daytime, evenings, or weekends only
  • You never have to worry about stakes – I show you how to work them out in seconds
  • You don’t risk getting your account banned (no bookmakers!)

Let’s take a look at how it performs.

The figures are based on my recommended start bank of £1,200 and following my proven staking plan.

You start out with £24 stakes and add your profits after each selection to your total bank.

We then use compounding to slowly increase your stakes alongside your betting bank – meaning you only play with your winnings.

(Don’t worry, you don’t even have to understand how compounding works. It’s REALLY easy to work out your stakes and takes no more than 30 seconds each time).

This quickly snowballs a modest bank into some serious gains…

A £1,200 bank could become £18,653 in 3 years…

While £2,400 could become £37,307

Not bad for two minutes a day work!

PLUS! – everything you make is yours to keep!

The problem with most profitable betting strategies is that when the bookies clock that you’re winning more than you’re losing they can ‘gub’ (ban or restrict) you.

Winning punters cost bookmakers money so they restrict accounts in the hope that you’ll get fed up and go away. In fact some of them just outright ban you! This has happened to me on more than one occasion and like many professional bettors I wear it like a badge of honour.

Little Acorns GOLD could help you bank some serious profits… hardly something the bookies are going to take kindly to…

So how can we fly under the radar?

Easy, we don’t use traditional bookies! Instead we use betting exchanges to place our bets. I recommend Betfair (but you can also use Smarkets or BetDaq) and this means your account won’t get banned, ever.

You can win as much money as you like and they won’t close your account!

On average there’s just ONE bet a day and bets go straight to your mobile phone

This isn’t one of those services where you have to sit at your computer with your finger hovering over the mouse to get in on bets…

The number of bets varies slightly according to how many race meetings there are on a given day and the number of runners in the race. Some days you’ll have one or two bets to place, others none.

On average, over the course of the year, there’s just one bet a day. When you start your free trial I’ll show you how to get set up so that you can receive selections via email and text to your mobile phone (you can choose to have either or both).

These are simple, copy and paste trades and have all the filters in place for a profitable lay bet.

Little Acorns GOLD selections are sent out up to 15 minutes before the race starts which gives you plenty of time to place a bet – even if you’re at work.

Having it delivered to your smartphone makes it even easier.

Try it RISKFREE for the next 30 days!

Membership on Little Acorns GOLD is just £47 (+VAT) a month.

That’s for all your selections (by the Telegram App, or Email) and full support from me if and when you need it.

I hope you’ll agree that’s a nominal sum for a proven system that you could use to bank £504 – £1,008 a month.

Look, I could show you pages and pages of profit tables and stats and testimonials from users…

But I know there’s only one proof you’re interested in…

How much can this make YOU? I’m talking about real money in your pocket. The best way is to let you see for yourself.

That’s why I want to give you unlimited access to the service risk-free for the next 30 days. I want to prove to you, beyond doubt, just how powerful this strategy is.

Start your risk-free trial now and you’ll get ALL of my Little Acorns GOLD selections – direct to you by the FREE Telegram app and email for the next 30 days.

Get a real, unhurried feel for the system first and then decide if you want to commit.

And if you want to try this without risking a single penny you can keep track of how my Little Acorns GOLD selections perform first before placing any money on live bets.

I’m so confident that you can make regular, consistent profits from this that I think this’ll be the easiest decision you ever make.

If you don’t feel it’s right for you for ANY reason just let me know within your 30 day risk-free trial and you can claim a full refund of your fee.

This is an absolutely cast iron, no quibbles guarantee and is fully underwritten by my publisher, Canonbury Publishing Ltd.

STOP PRESS! How you could make an extra £250 – £375 a month in just 15 minutes a day using ‘The Code’

Start your risk-free trial today and I’ll also give you access to my powerful horse racing strategy, The Code, absolutely free.

This is a way to ramp up your profits even further. It’s easy to setup and run (just 15 minutes a day) and complements the Little Acorns GOLD selections perfectly.

This is only available to you as a welcome bonus on Little Acorns GOLD for a limited period.

If you’re reading this now it means you’re in luck! Click on the button below and ‘The Code’ will automatically be added to your package for FREE.

This strategy could bank you £250 – £375 a month tax-free (that’s on top of your Little Acorns GOLD profits) and is yours to keep whatever you decide.

Just follow the seven simple steps I’ve laid out in the guide and that’s it. It takes less than 15 minutes a day to run and is yours to keep if you start your free trial today.

Just click on the button below to start your 30 day risk-free trial

Let me send you my Little Acorns GOLD selections and low-risk staking plan and you could use this to bank £201-£1,008 each month.

  • All your selections are picked out for you
  • Bets take just two minutes to place online
  • There’s only one selection a day on average

This has to be the most powerful betting service I’ve ever created.

Simple, tax-free profits for just two minutes ‘work’ a day and I can’t wait to welcome you onboard.

Just click on the button below and I’ll send you everything you need so that you can start getting selections right away.

Andrew David Little Acorns GOLD

  1. Remember you get a full 30 days to monitor my Little Acorns GOLD selections, start trading and see how much you can make, risk-free!

Any last minute questions? Let me see if I can put your mind at rest

Question: “Andrew, is this the same as your original Little Acorns system?”

The founding principles are the same but Little Acorns GOLD uses additional filters to arrive at selections.

But the BIG difference here is that this is an alert service, not the old DIY system. That means all the work is done for you and selections are sent direct to your phone!

Question: How much can I start with?

You can start with as little as £300 and work your way up over time, it’s totally up to you. If you want to quickly ramp up your profits I personally recommend starting with a bank of £600-£1,200.

Question: Can I receive selections to my phone app?

Yes! Absolutely. You can receive selections via Telegram (a special FREE app) to your phone or computer – as well as by email if you prefer.

Question: I’ve been restricted by bookmakers, can I still use Little Acorns Gold?

For sure! This is designed to work on the betting exchanges – not bookmakers – and there are at least three you can use for this (Betfair is the biggest and best known but you can also use Smarkets or BetDaq).

Question: Will the prices be affected by other members?

No! This targets ‘Odds on’ favourites the most liquid part of the market. This is where the largest amount of money changes hands and therefore there’s plenty of liquidity.

I also keep a close eye on this to protect members which is why the numbers I’m allowing on this are strictly limited.

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